Here is a partial list of items found in the kitchen:

    Coffee pot
    electric can opener
    Espresso & Cappuccino Maker
    Hand held mixer
    Baking pans
    Cookie sheets
    Pizza pan
    Muffin tins
    Bundt pan
    Small roasting pan
    Crock Pots (3) 7qt, 1.5qt and a little dipper
    Hand chopper and Electric chopper
    Rolling pin
    Garlic press
    Pizza cutter
    Vegetable peeler
    Measuring cups and spoons

Hot air popcorn popper
Craft Room Supplies
Cricut machine with some dies

    Sizzix die cutting machine with dies
    Ironing Board
    Irons (3)
    Small refrigerator
    TV and DVD player
    Bathroom Supplies
    Towels are provided
    Hair dryers (2)

Shopping, Restaurants, etc

    County Market (groceries)
    Dominos Pizza
    JoAnne’s store